One of the most rewarding ways to experience the War of 1812 Bicentennial is to volunteer.

Here are five ways you can get involved in commemorating the War of 1812 through volunteering:

1.) Volunteer at an Event

Volunteering at events provides an up close experience like no other. Working on events helps you connect with other organisers in an intimate environment, which is especially helpful in networking. 

While The Alliance supports and promotes events, each commemoration is organised by local community groups.

Please contact event organisers and offer your services. If you have a particular skill set or there is something you would like to do let them know.

2.) Become a re-enactor:

Do you have a flair for the dramatics and a passion for history? Re-enacting just might be your calling!

Many living history groups are looking for new hobbyists. You could bring everything from military to civilian history back to life. Again, reaching out to these groups is the best way to become a living historian.

Be forewarned: Living history is a bit of a lifestyle so be prepared to get absorbed.

3.) Spread the Word: 

One of the simplest - and most helpful - ways to volunteer during the Bicentennial is to spread the word. Tell everyone you know about the great events that are planned. If you haven't already joined our online community, sign up and invite your friends to as well. It's easy - and you can share via Facebook too.

4.) Sew Period Clothes:

Many local groups will be looking for period clothing to commemorate the Bicentennial. If you are a talented seamstress or tailor and wish to help out let everyone know on our forum or contact event organisers directly. 

5.) Share Information:

We are always looking for intelligence on great places to visit along the St. Lawrence. If you come across a fabulous restaurant in a heritage setting, or know of a shop that specialises in unique local finds please let us know. We just might feature it on our blog - or find another way to help them get involved.


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