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Before attempting to post to our blog or elsewhere on our site, please review our Posting Guidelines. Note: We do not accept posts to our blog.

In aiming to make an inclusive online community to help commemorate the War of 1812, we have prepared some Posting Guidelines to help ensure our site is as effective as possible.



  • Please refrain from posting obscenities, hate speech, or anything derogatory and insulting. This is a friendly community, and we will not abide the unnecessary. 
  • This community was built to help people connect. Please endeavour to hold back on marketing pitches, and instead try to get to know people first.
  • If posting pictures or content, please ensure that you are not infringing any copyrights.
  • This community is meant for all interested in the War of 1812, including but not limited to: historians, businesses, reenactors, heritage holdings, tourists etc.


  • While posting to the blog is an available feature for members, we ask that you refrain from so doing. If you have an article that you would like to post or think should be shared as a blog post, please contact the administrator first to verify. Otherwise, feel free to share on our Forum.


  • In keeping with the General Guidelines above, please feel free to post comments, queries and information shares on our Forum. 
  • We are creating categories to help organise information, if your category is not currently available, let us know and we will create one.

Status Updates

  • While we want you to feel comfortable and treat our community like the 1812 Facebook, please try and be mindful that everyone can see your status updates. Consider only posting updates that relate to your 1812 interests, or help further the commemorations.


  • The Groups feature is meant to help connect people with specific interests and also give organisers a means to coordinate. Please feel free to set up any group you like within the General Guidelines of posting.


  • All members have the ability to add Events. Again we ask that only those events that relate to the War of 1812 Bicentennial be added. This can include workshops or other activities that help encourage people to get involved in the commemoration.
Thank you for following our simple rules - and happy posting!


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