Can anyone put me in touch with the group that is flagging the graves of 1812 veterans and casualties, please?

I have a site which is interested in participating in this initiative.

Ann Blake

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David Smith in Bath organized the gravesite marking initiative

Thanks so much, Paul.  I'll contact Dave.  

The Lower Burial Ground in Kingston (Queen at Montreal), has over 50 known casualties or vets of the War of 1812 buried there:

* 8 sailors from the British Fleet (unnamed)
*7 from 49th Regiment (part of Morrison’s force at Crysler’s Farm)
*18 Canadian Militia
*10 Tenth Veteran’s Battalion
* Assistant Commissary-General Patrick Langan
plus 2 wives of these Regiments
Also buried in the Lower Burial ground are important senior officers, who while they were not killed during the War, were part of the Forces outside of the Kingston region.
(a) Sir Robert Hall, Royal Naval Officer, was acting Commissioner (Naval) of the Lakes of
Canada and administrator of the Kingston Naval Dockyard. Died 1818.
(b) Colonel Colley L.L. Foster who was ADC to Lieutenant-General Drummond in the Niagara Area in 1813 and later Adjutant-General to U.C. Militia. Died 1847.
( c ) Sir Richard Bonnycastle, Royal Engineers, in 1812 was a Lieutenant of Engineers in Nova Scotia and with British Forces that occupied State of Maine in 1814. Later as Colonel was Engineer Officer for Kingston Garrison. Died 1847.

(and (d) Cmdre Earl, commander of HMS Royal George)

NOTE: not all graves are marked.


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