As indicated in previous posts I am descendant of Dixie and Hercules Ellis, brothers in the 49th Ft (see avatar). Dixie in particular determined the outcome of Battle of Cryslers Farm.

I am prpoposing to try and bring together as many descendants of those who fought in the battle for the main re-enacatment event next year. I note that Smyth Carter who was instrumental in creating the Cryslers Farm memorial wnated "on the anniversary of the battle some kind of gathering...bring together ...the descendants of those worthy heroes". if this vision is not fulfilled in 2013 then when? I have visions of recreating the breakfsst scene before the battle when John Sewell was cooking meat on his sword, perhaps in a nearby restaurant in the evening rather than at breakfast!


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For at least 10 years this has been happening each November 11 at the Battlefield Memorial.  Amongst the people who gather there for a quiet sombre thought provoking ceremony of remembrance, in keeping with what Smyth Carter described in his book "The Story of Dundas" are descendents of the local militia and loyalist families on whose land the Battle of Crysler's Farm was fought.


There is no doubt in my mind that this will once again occur on November 11 2012, again on November 11, 2013, 2014 and so on so long as we who gather there are able.


Dear Carol

I am pleased to know this is already happening. who organises this? I have attended the re-enactment in 2008 but waqs not aware that there was a reunion of descendants. You suggest that this would happen again in 2012, but I understood that the re-enactment would not take place this yearin order to concentrate resources on the Bicentennial of the battle in 2013.

I thinkn it would be good to publicise matters in the US. I have been doing so on Geni.Com where there is a War of 1812 genealogy project, much used by US colleagues and have attracted some interest.



Simon -  A group of us gather on November 11th around 8am, the date of the battle, not at the re-enactment that is put on by the Friends of the Crysler Battlefield.  This is separate from the re-enactment and is an act of remembrance on the actual date of the battle.  The local branch of the Loyalists have been at the Re-enactment for as long as I can remember and as many of the local combatants were loyalists or children of the loyalists we often see and speak with descendents.  It is my understanding that there is no re-enactment this summer.  In Canada there is also a group in Toronto who are undertaking a War of 1812 genealogy program and offer certificates much like the Loyalists do when the lineage is proven.  Take care.


Simon, I am a Descendant Veteran of General Brocks 49th of Foot, 1st Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment. for the past year plus I work as a reseacher for the Regimental Researcher, for the Brock 2012 Regimental Bicentennial Display, at the Wardrobe Museum : Salisbury : Wiltshire. UK. go to

I am informed there is now completed Muster Rolls of all who searved in the 49th of Foot during the war of 1812/15 , hope this could be of interest to you, look, look under Royal Berkshire Time Line , if no joy I can contact ex Curator who completed this mission and has in the past worked on a project with Cryslers Farm








Dear Carol and Robert. Thank you very much for your information.

Carol. I am wondering whether there is any way we can bring these initiatives together for the Bicentennial of the Battle. often people who go to one of the meetings (eg re-enactment or memorial) do not go to the other. Equally it would be good to make as big a 'splash' as possible for the Bicentennary perhaps also stressing the campaign to get the Canadian regimental honours for the Canadian units concerned . The War is still so little known! If you have contacts of the relevant groups I can contact them, but you sound well inked to them so perhaps you could.

Robert. thanks for the link. I have looked on the wardrobe but not recently. For your interest I am chasing a watercolour album by Lt James Kittermaster of 49th painted in 1809 which contained portraits of at least four junior officers of the 49th including Dixie Ellis (I want to know whether the miniature I use here as my avatar is Dixe or, as my grandad thought his brother Hercules). I have so far traced Kittermaster's current descendants who have confirmed its continued existence. A copy may be at the Rpyal Ontario Museum. More anon.


Hi Simon, when I started my research for the Regimental Bicentennial display at the wardrobe museum , one off earlist documents I received was the 33pages of muster Rolls of the 49th, reading through these were a real eye opener, fouteen year olds killed or captured taken prisoner of war suffered mortal wounds ,the Muster Rolls are a great source of information , besides names , you have where they were posted ,how long , ingeries suffered plus a research tool too confirm who was where and when, plus people to be tracked down , hope this is off help .

Simon, I researched muster roll in my possession troops serving in Niagara from Fort George to Stoney Creek, there was a James and John Ellis at Ft George, plus a Nathaniel Ellis at Queenstown . Not certain when you last visited the Wardrobe Museum Site, but is very much updated now and went on line earlier this year, with much more material in the Archives it was done over two years for the Bicentennial. I am not directly connected to the museum, but brought in for the Brock and war of 1812 / 2012 Bicentennial .

Dear All I have now found the Kittermaster album with silhouettes of Dixie and four other officers - Kittermaster, Garret, Browne, and Wightwick. I now have portraits nof eleven junior officers of the 49th all done between 1805 and 1820. Also at least 2+ known painters; Dennis and Kittermaster. I have found one article about British military painters of birds in the period. Basicly the theory says they were so bored in Canada before 1812!! willbe writing something new about inspiring Canada where they made very clsoe friendships!!


Congratulations Simon ! what a fined, cannot wait te see your artical about the painters and there paintings, the wife of Govenor General Provost was a prolifick painter in her own right, so as you say boredom and there new seroundings added to this flush of painters of that period, Interesting !

Hi. I am a descendant of Colonel John Thorne Weyland, born in 1789,  joined the military at age 17. He served with the British Army's 8th. Kings Own Regiment as a major at Queenston Heights under General Sir Isaac Brock in the 1812 War, and took part in the battles on Lundy's Lane and Crysler's Farm. He was wounded in action 06 June 1813 at the battle of Stoney Creek. My grandmother and I have searched and searched for his grave site. We have found documentation of his eldest daughter being buried in Welland Country (old township of Stamford).

I am curious as to whether anyone know any genelogical ties/has come acorss any information on him? thanks.

With so many Regiments : Milita : Coloured Corps : Rangers as well as being well supported by The Native Indians. collective records will either be with Canadian Historical Groups or in the case of British Regular Forces. In British Forces Achives in Kew. London, put it into Google details will come up . A long shot for British Army Records , is The Royal Hospital Chelsea, home to the Chelsea Pensioners , there National Archives , information on Officers is easier to find than rank and file . Hope this helps .


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