Jack Tar : Naval Re - Enactors taking it to the Land lubbers !

Lot's of re - enactments but I have failed to find sea fearing re - enactors Youth of the Seaways and Waterways , Young Jack Tar's along with there sea fairing Captains of the Great Lakes , portraying the stories of 1812 at sea . Do you not have Sea Cadets ! Sea Scouts that could be dressed in period Naval Costumes . Re - enacting the Naval engagements with Replica cut out Ships , so the stories could be taken inland and combined with the land forces that also sailed aboard such vessels .


There must be many a tail to tell of an Heroic Sea Captain and Crew , what better place than say Queenston Heights , Singing Sea Shanty's of the Day , yes you have your fine Naval Heritage Centre's along the Sea Ways , but how many people from mainland Canada have never visited .

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Hello, Mr. Scott,

We have one major naval re-enactment in our area this summer.

There is another big naval event in the Niagara though. Below is a picture of the crew as shared by the organiser, Vic Suthren. 

Thank you for the picture of the Naval Re - Enactors , these are the first I have seen and exactly the type of people I was refering too , wish to know more on such groups and where do they tour with there message . thank you to Vic Suthren .

I have forwarded your wish to Vic Suthren. Hopefully, he will be in touch directly.

Alicia Wanles : The Alliance - Jack Tar's ! Firrstly thank you for putting me in touch with Victor Suthren, whome has made contact comfirming my suspicions, Naval Re- enactors are realative new to the Re -enactment scene . Vic formed his group in 2005, but according to infomation forward to me, has come  on a long way in a few short years. now Vic is leading a Major Naval event at Niagara on the lake on July 13-15 week end, I hope you guys are up for Supporting what appears to be one hell off a Naval event .

Alicia. I think you should try to persuade Vic to post a shorten version of the document he sent me, it deserves coverage on this site .

Jack Tar ! for those not filmiliar with the Term : Jack was an able seaman of the time : Tar refered to the whether proofing of canvas clothing - Sail's - Ropes : Hence today Tapaulin.

Have just spent week of July 17-21 at Sault Ste Marie. My ancestors Hercules and Dixie were stationed there at Ft St Joseph 1803-5.

They re-enacted the famous attack on Michilmackinac in July 1812 in which the Royal Veterans with Indian and voyageur help attacked the Americans before they even knew that war had broken out! The US reconstructed schooner the Niagara spent some days off  shore and fir4eed a "salute" to those re-enacting at the Fort. Unfortunately my regiment the 49th Foot failed to show up for the event!


simon ellis

Simon, always good to be in contact with a desendant of the old 49th of Foot, bit of a coincidence recently been tracing Brock and his 49th of Foot movments prior to the start of the war of 1812, when the 49th first arrived i Quebec Province in August 1802, it all starts with there movments from Montreal along the lower reaches of the St Lawrance sea way and touches on Sault Ste Marie as one of the staging post. This was a period little known todays desendant Regiments, but we have uncover a lot from the period of Thomson the famous map maker, the role of the Voltigeur Canadien, First Nations People and Chief Tecumseh, any body who can add to the history mainly pre 1812, but any comments always welcome. I can be contacted on

www. bob.w.scott@btopenworld.com

Simon. since my last reply above I have had an Idear to Regimentaly Honour Hercules and Dixie - Ellis, at fourth coming events October 13th in Guernsey, if interested in more details please email me, this would be at an Officers Dinner and Dance, I think it would be a fitting way to Honour Regimental Ancestors from present day Officers to past Officers of the 49th of Foot.


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