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Thanks for starting this Forum section, Robert. I hope you enjoy some responses from our other members soon. Having eager new members like you is such a welcome addition!

Firstly I cannot thank Canada enough for the journey of discovery I have had trawling though it's History , I have learnt so much ! but it's advantage is through living Family Members , it still has a stronge connention to that past , this has allowed me to fill in a large missing gap in our own Regimental History , to find we still have connections today going back to 1690 , plus in the 49th we have still today a Veteran Major descendant of Governor General Thomas Dunne . If I do have a negative comment which I have come across , Canadas past history was departmentallised , what I mean by this is , each area had its own history and new it well , but there was was not the interreactions with other areas , but the Bicentennial is bringing a change to that situation , I have seen it in the past eighteen months or so , Canada is becoming Historicaly united with is history , its fantastic people just have to keep digging .

Dear Robert. Missed this earlier. I have been talking around here earlier in the year (as we have been talking directly too) and there is interest here in having more UK descendants of 1812 veterans come here for some of the celebrations. as you know I have picked out the 200th anniversary of Cryslers Farm in 1813 1) for personal reasons, but also 2) as the site is a major Canadian heritage/tourist site and so has great potential for a major get together. Important also to include our US descendants too 3) its 12 months away so theres time to get organised!


It would be great  to see one of the S Lawrence main events getting a truly international profile. It would also support the whole campaign including obtainign battle honours for the Canadian regiments concerned .


simon ellis

Dear Simon, firstly thank you for your kind invitation to the Descendant Regiments of the 49th of Foot to attend next years Celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Cryslers Farm, I agree with your sentiments to make it a truly International Celebration can only be good for all concerned. I will pass on your good will message to the apropriate people whome can make this happen and hope it get's the just responce it so richly deserves. Thank you once more I really do apreciate this kind jester on behalf of the 49th.


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