Good article in Sunday 15 Jan 2012 issue of the Toronto Star on tracking ancestors who may be veterans of the War of 1812.  Professional genealogist Janice Nickerson (Upper Canada Genealogy) suggests checking land ownership records, and records of the Loyal and Patriotic Society of Upper Canada.  Families of War of 1812 casualties may have turned to the Society for support.

Ann Blake

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Thanks, Ann!

Here is a link to that article. The society and beneficiaries are pretty interesting. Dianne Graves mentions it in her book, In the Midst of Alarms - also an interesting read.

For information, another searchable source of 1812 veterans that might be of interest is on the website - a list of the many who settled the present-day townships of Tay Valley, Drummond/North Elmsley and Beckwith, and the Town of Perth - particularly post 1816 (under 'Local History', then 'Military').      

Thanks for this link, David.  What a great resource to anyone with military connections in your region!  Unfortunately, mine were French Canadians working at the Naval shipyard in Kingston.  Several were caught up in the war as members of the militia according to handed down family stories, but they have proved elusive to track.  


My great -great and a few more great grandfather Patrick Benson was quarter Master Sergeant for the Incorporated Militia, He was taken prisonner by the Americans for about 9 months. There is a letter from him to his commanding officer requesting back pay for this period at the Public Archives. I always read all the articles in the newspaper regarding the war hoping to find out more about him. There was an article in the Ottawa Citizen on the weekend about the War. Im hoping to go to a number of re-enactments this summer.


Its a good article but I always have one bone to pick. More attention os always given to Lt John Sewell of the 49th  than my ancestor Lt Dixie Ellis of the 49th. It was Dixie who gave the command to wheel and see of the US cavalry thus winning the battle!

Ginette Patrick is also MY great, great and few more great grandfather!  I would love any information you have on him. I live in the United States so it's very hard for me to try to get any verifiable information or data.  my email is if you would like to communicate I would love that!!!! Or anyone else who sees this and has information.

I have 3 ancestors that were involved in the war. Robert, James, and Thomas Green, They all joined up as druumer boys and went on to fight as they got older. We definately know that Robert was involved in a battle around Grimsby. They fought with on of the Irish regiments.

 After the war they were given land in Richmond Ontario.


If any one has any info I would really appreciate it.


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