While searching for trims that would be suitable for a new dress, I came across this list of stores on Cloak and Corset. It's definitely a useful resource for anyone pulling together their own costumes.


I'm still looking for a pattern to create this men's jacket in velvet to the right. The Rocking Horse Farm Tailcoat pattern I have is pretty flat at the front and double-breasted, making for a bulkier fit than this dandy jacket requires.


Any suggestions? I'd rather have a pattern and instructions, than flub this in adapting patterns I do have...


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I'm thinking this might work plus tails from the other pattern: 

This picture, and the one in the book I loaned you have some differences.  You need to decide what features you want, so that we create the proper look as we combine and alter our patterns on Saturday.  This one has a large lapel and a rise fall collar.  If I remember correctly, the other picture does not have lapels and simply has a mandarin style collar.  When finished the wearer will be perfectly ready to appear in the Kings court!

Hi Alicia,

A table that was very popular at a festival I went to last month makes patterns that resemble what you're looking for. http://www.neheleniapatterns.com/english/englishsite.html  They're located in Germany but as I said, they were quite popular and rapidly sold out of what they did have with them. I'm planning on making a purchase from them soon.

Hope your project goes well!

Thanks, Joç. I haven't seen these patterns yet. In the end we did combine a tall coat and a American revolutionary war coat, which worked, but it would be great to have a pattern for the court tails. Please let me know how you find their patterns, I am curious!




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