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Please share a little bit about yourself and what interests you about the War of 1812.

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As the Bicentennial Manager for the St. Lawrence War of 1812 Bicentennial Alliance, I'm pretty keen on ensuring that all related activities in our region have a lasting impact, both in terms of building networks and economic development.

As a business developer and marketeer in Eastern Ontario, my focus has been on branding, market research and creative campaigns for gaining attention.

I see lot's of potential for a revival of cottage industries and something called a Heritage Economy.

In my spare time, I sit on the board for the Spencerville Mill Foundation and the Township of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal's Community Development Committee. One of my pet projects is the Bicentennial Heritage Fair.

Regarding the War of 1812 in particular, admittedly, I am a Jane Austen fan and love the fashion of the period. History has always been a passion of mine, and what life was like for early settlers in Ontario, in particular. 

Please connect with me if you are looking for event or marketing ideas, or have a project that fits into the War of 1812 or regional heritage tourism.

I am the recently appointed chair for the annual Athens Cornfest which takes place on the 3rd Saturday of August. I've always been a history buff so to have an opportunity to tie the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and the 32nd annual Athens Cornfest together sounded like a cool opportunity.

A bit about me.  I work in technology as a contractor and run a small business out of my home catering to the technology needs of eastern Ontario residents.  I also offer social media consulting and marketing services to area businesses and organisations to help them take advantage of some of the most cost effective, and yet underused, marketing opportunities out there.

In my spare time I sit on the board for the Athens District Chamber of Commerce.

I'm open to connecting with anyone who is interested.



The Hardtackers are a shanty crew from Columbus Ohio. We are all History buffs and are looking to be invited to sing at the cellebrations. Go to www.hardtackers.wetpaint for an example of our music.

We're a self-guided, GPS-based tour company launching next year. The War of 1812 was the catalyst for our company and The Last Ride of Sir Isaac Brock is our first proof-of-concept tour. We'll be following that up with a tour tracing Laura Secord's Walk from Queenston to DeCew House and another tour from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Stoney Creek documenting the U.S. Niagara campaign of 1813 that was turned back at Battlefield House. We're also working with the Western Corridor War of 1812 Bicentennial Alliance to create a smart phone driving tour through southwestern Ontario.

In addition to our War of 1812 tours, we also have a series of Niagara Wine and general interest tours, all with a focus on the the Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls area
Welcome! Is it fair to say that your tours are mostly in the south-western Ontario region? Do you have any plans for Eastern Ontario?
At the moment, our initial focus is southwestern Ontario but we're hoping to have tours into Prince Edward County.

For over 35 years, I have been involved with events in some manner - organizer, volunteer, participant! This passion especially for small town events has led me to meet hundreds if not thousands of committed grassroots volunteers who care about their community and want to showcase it in some way. But now with the upcoming bicentennial, the challenge is bigger because this time it is about our country and our history! Since becoming the Executive Director of the St. Lawrence 1812 Alliance, I have learned the importance of celebrating our "roots" and pride of community and country. It is a fascinating story!

As the countdown is on for the bicentennial beginning in 2012, I am getting excited about the number of activities and events being planned across Eastern Ontario - some historical, some educational but hopefully all leaving an impact and providing some fun.


My key role now is to help these event organizers stage successful events that leave a good visitor experience. The Alliance is proud to be opening a "Special Events Centre" with funding support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. As the new Manager of this Centre I am excited about providing event equipment, event training and an event library resources to volunteers across our region. Let me help you and together we can make something memorable happen.

I am the Interpretation Coordinator at Fort Wellington National Historic Site in Prescott, Ontario.  This means I am responsible for interpretive programming at the site which includes education programs, the costume program, and the historic weapons program. In other words: I have one of the coolest jobs out there. I also sit on the St Lawrence War of 1812 Bicentennial Alliance...a great group of people!

I have always been interested in all things Canadian identity, which I believe was fostered by constant family trips to historic sites rather than to Disney World.  Yes, that's right, it was forced on me. The War of 1812 came onto my radar when I first started working for Parks Canada as a summer sudent in 1999. I discovered quite early on, and through my studies at Brock University, that the St Lawrence region's War of 1812 history was left out of most history books.   It soon became apparant that if we didn't commemorate the War of 1812 in the St Lawrence region during the bicentennial, that this region's role risked being left out of Canadian memory forever.

I am extremely passionate about Canadian history and how we remember the War of 1812 and its veterans. Please connect with me if you have ideas about how Fort Wellington or myself  can be involved in your commemorative activities. Be sure to visit Fort Wellington for our Garrison Weekend (and Visitor Centre Grand Opening) on May 19-20 2012.


Other fun things I wanted to work into this introduction, but didn't want it to be a novel:

-My dog is red-haired (like Red George Macdonnell) and was born on February 22nd, the anniversary of the raid on Ogdensburg.

-I am related to John Crysler of Crysler's Farm fame.


You're related to John Crysler?! What's the connection?

I am a writer and a lover of Canadian history, living near Trenton, Ontario. Until recently I was writing novels for younger readers and have published nine books in that genre. My most recent book, a biography, Mary Pickford, Canada's Silent Siren, America's Sweetheart was published by Dundurn Press in September 2011.

Currently I am writing another biography, this one about Laura Secord. It will be published by Dundurn in June 2012, just in time for the Bicentennial celebrations. The title is Laura Secord, Heroine of the War of 1812.

Laura was born the same year as the American Revolution broke out, and her father fought on the side of the 13 Colonies during the American War of Independence. The family came to Upper Canada in 1795 as one of Simcoe's "late Loyalists." Laura's heroic walk to warn the British of an impending American attack took place in June 1813. Because so much of Laura's story involves the War of 1812, I have become increasing interested in the subject.

Welcome, Peggy! We look forward to the release of your book - and hopefully, a reading!

I am a historic reenactor and seamstress.  Growing up in Western Canada, my understanding of our role in this war was limited.  I had even less understanding of what life was like.  Now that my family and I have found this wonderful hobby, the opportunity to learn more seems endless.  Every battle of the war has a story, and sometimes those details lead to insights I never expected. 


Along with some close friends in the reenacting world, we have started a civilian group.  We hope this will allow us to show what life was like during the war, for the non-military personnel. It also gives us a chance to study more about the fashions, food and skills that we have forgotten.  We are known as Civilians in the Midst of Alarums.


I enjoy sewing, and have been sewing not just for my family anymore.  I am constantly increasing my knowledge of both regimental and civilian clothing.  Seeing an increased need for these services, I have recently started my own business A Stitch of History to try to meet that need.



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